he Company - Greatest Hits 2001 Free download

Title: Greatest Hits
Artist: The Company

Label: Ivory Records
Released: 2001
Number of Tracks: 14

01 Harmony.mp3
02 Sana Nga (Ikaw Na).mp3
03 Special Memory.mp3
04 Now That I Have You.mp3
05 Kung Nagmamahal Ka.Ako Rin.mp3
06 Minsan Pa.mp3
07 Back Together.mp3
08 Muntik na Kitang Minahal.mp3
09 Pakisabi na Lang.mp3
10 Hulog ng Langit.mp3
11 Everlasting Love.mp3
12 Didn't We.mp3
13 For the Long Run.mp3
14 Hanggang sa Muli.mp3 


2013 Noel Cabangon Huwag Mangamba Album Free Download

Noel Cabangon Huwag Mangamba 2013 Album
Bibrate: 320kbs

1. Panginoon, Aking Tanglaw
2. Ang Panginoon Ang Aking Pastol
3. Sa Langit Ay Higit Ang Ganda Sa Ganda
4. Ang Kaluluwa Ko'y Nauuhaw
5. Emmanuel
6. Narito Ako
7. Ang Mabuting Pastol
8. Huwag Mangamba
9. Panalangin Maging Bukas Palad
10. Sa Pag-Ibig Ng Panginoon
11. Mahal Naming Ina
12. Ito ang Bagong Araw_Akapela
13. Pag-Ibig Mo Ama
14. Pagsibol
15. Huwag Mangamba

2013 Sitti Bossa Love & Other Album Free Download

Sitti - Bossa Love 2013 Album

1. It Wasn't Me
2. Sunday Morning
3. StickwitU
4. Back To You
5. Smooth
6. Someday We'll Know
7. My Favorite Mistake
8. I Want It That Way
9. Yellow
10. Lost Without You
11. Don't Know Why
12. For You
13. Waterfalls
14. Thank You

Yeng Constantino-Metamorphosi- Album 2013 Free Download

1.B.A.B.A.Y - Yeng Constantino
2.Hahanapin Kita - Yeng Constantino
3.Messiah - Yeng Constantino
4.Chinito - Yeng Constantino
5.Josephine - Yeng Constantino
6.Teleserye - Yeng Constantino
7.Pasenya Na - Yeng Constantino
8.Pag-Ibig - Yeng Constantino
9.Sandata - Yeng Constantino
10.Di Pa Huli - Yeng Constantino

Monsters of Metal - 1997 Free Download

01 Warhead - Halimaw
02 Rumblebelly - Pagdurusa
03 Zeta Zone - Terrorista 
04 Mass Carnage - Sa Pagkalat ng Dilim
05 Tarabusaw - Partisano
06 Deceased - Inukit Sa Laman
07 Dethrone - Ebanghelyo
08 Predator - Pagdating
09 Akeldama - Tupang Itim
10 Mind Heart Blood - Dugo sa Isipan

Siakol-Pantasya Free Album Download

Siakol-Pantasya Free Album Download

Released: Mar 20, 1999
℗ 1999 Alpha Music Corporation
Genre: Pop, Rock
Language: Tagalog/Filipino
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps
In 1999, Philippine rock band Siakol released its third album, Pantasya ("Fantasy"). The new album finds the band approaching the level of the first, which was a fine first outing, and sounding far better than on the second. Pantasya doesn't have the immediate impact of the first album, and repeated listenings are required to better savor the music. However, it's worth the wait.
The album opens on the acoustic, "Hindi Mo Ba Alam" ("You Don't Know"), which features the plaintive vocals of lead singer Noel Palomo, accompanied only by acoustic guitar. The melody to "Hindi Mo Ba Alam" is exceptionally strong. Many songs here use an acoustic ambience, in contrast to the band's earlier albums, which emphasized raging electric guitar. The acoustic guitar is predominant on some songs or works in tandem with the electric guitar, as heard on "Muli Bang Makikita" ("Will I See You Again") and the rollicking "Malaya Ba?" ("Is It Free?"). There are no heavy metal or overt punk songs on Pantasya, though "Kasalukuyan" ("Currently") and "Makabagong Panahon" ("New Time") are punkish in spirit, working off a fast rhythm. "Pantasya" has a anthemic rock feel, "Inday" has the ambience of a traditional folk dance, and "Sisa" sounds nearly like a children's song in parts.
The band's musicianship has improved significantly since their 1996 debut album, and the music has lost none of its charm. The songwriting (all done by vocalist Noel Palomo) is substantially improved, and Palomo's vocals just get better and better with each album.
01 Hindi Mo Ba Alam? (Acoustic)
02 Pagmamahal
03 Sumama Ka Sa Akin
04 Muli Bang Makikita
05 Sisa
06 Pantasya
07 Inday
08 May Pagbabago
09 Malaya Ba
10 Ikaw Lamang
11 Kasalukuyan
12 Makabagong Panahon